The Bicycle

Racebikes for Luxembourg by LS Sports SchierenRacing bikes, triathlon bikes or time trial bikes are suitable for sportive cycling. Their light design and 28" wheels make it an easy ride.
Material: Aluminium, carbon

Brands: Scott, KTM.

Gravel Bicycles in LuxembourgGravel bike: Suitable for sportive cycling, lightweight design. Due to the burling tyres the driving on the area, to work or a bicycle tour is possible on all paths.

Material: aluminium, carbon

Brands: Scott, KTM


Mountainbikes in Luxembourg by LS Sports SchierenMountain bike (MTB): a stable bike with wide tyres and a light tread.
Type of cycling: Cross-country through forests, and on tracks or narrow paths. Available in 26”, 27,5” and 29”. The bicycle possess wheels with wide and good tread.

Material: Carbon, aluminium

Brands: Scott, KTM, Merida.

Offroad and Onroad trekking: this bike is suitable for mountains, roads or cycle paths. It is available in 28” wheels with narrow tyres and front fork suspension. 


Onroad Trekkingbikes in Luxembourg by LS Sports SchierenOnroad trekking: 

The bicycle is featured with a carrier, fender and lighting. With a bit forward flexed seating position and wide tyres, it is more comfortable for smaller tours on asphaltic and fortified cycle paths respectively roads. Panniers facilitate the transport of baggage.

Material: aluminium

Brands: Scott, KTM, Velo-de-Ville.


Offroad Trekking Bicycle for LuxembourgOffroad Trekking, Cross bicycle: With a bit forward flexed seating position and small studs tyres this bicycle is suited for fixed and earth road, as well as field path.

Material: aluminium

Brands: Scott, KTM, Velo-de-Ville.


Citybikes in Luxembourg by LS Sports SchierenCitybike: bike to use in the city. The upright and comfortable seating position enables an easy ascension and downswing and a better overview in traffic. The gear hub makes it simple to switch when standing still or when driving (3-8 gears).

Material: Aluminium

Brands: KTM, Scott, Velo-de-Ville.


Kids Bikes in Luxembourg by LS Sports SchierenKids bicycle: we stock bikes in all sizes from 12" to 24", as well as balance bikes for children starting from two years.

Brands: Scott, KTM.


Recumbent Trikes for LuxembourgRecumbent bicycles, Tricycles: Bicycling is healthy, it strengthens body, heart and circulation and activates the metabolism.

Brands: Hasebikes, HP Velotechnik, Ice Trikes, Azub.


Second hand Bicycle from our bicyleshopSecond hand: great second hand bikes!


Service center for Bicycle in Luxembourg We place a GREAT EMPHASIS on our SERVICE.

We have trained staff members, 25 years of experience and we always work our hardest to repair your bike professionally, regardless of brand or type, whether it's a racing bike, mountain bike, trekking bike, city bike, children's bike, pedelec, BMX, etc. We are always training ourselves further to make sure we remain up to date. We have a wide range of accessories: bags, locks, clothing, spare parts and tools for DIY enthusiasts.




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