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Watch out by offers to repair your battery!

01/01/2024 News

The lithium-ion-battery of E-Bikes have to be save constructed and to be checked before the sale to assure you a maximal degree of security. Therefore, exists different requests like EN-50604-1 or UN-T 38.3. Every battery has to correspond to the requests before it can be transported or used. The inspection plan UN-T 38.3 orders that every battery has first to run through a security test for seeing its load limit. These tests are about overload, impact, short circuit, vibration and they are thermal. Every producer has to finish these tests before the sale.

Therefore we warn you before the repair offers that don’t have a successful UN-Test. If you go into such requests you do not only endanger your own security and the one of the others, but you also lose the promise of guarantee you got from the producer of the battery.

For this reason we ask you for only go into repair offers of qualified producers who have done the specified tests for their products.