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New in our shop: pennons for the bike from Bikeflags!

18/12/2018 News

Those pennons differs from the others, which are available on the market because of their production. The producer gave many thoughts to the quality of their products and work consequently on amelioration of the details. Originated is a very high-grade, well thought-out technical product. An attribute of those pennons is that they are produced in Germany and its neighbouring countries and that the producers go without Asiatic suppliers or fabricators. The flag itself consists of UV stable synthetic rubbers. They made a point of the highest possible lightfastness in the outdoor area and they implemented the technical maximal possible. The flags are not glued, instead the connections are sewed in industry quality. Basically, all the flags are two-ply. Also the reflection inputs are separate sewed on every side. It guarantees highest quality and stability during many years, a tearing because of high speed is therefore excluded. You can decide between 11 different colours and 3 different sizes: L: 85x24 cm, M: 58x21 cm, S: 34x18 cm.

Furthermore, we have the Safety Circles from Bikeflags. These are for those people who want to be more visible from behind. Same material, same high-grade treatment like by the flags and they are also available in different colours. The calibre is 14,5 cm. The Safety Circles cannot only be fixed on the carrier, but also on the head cushion, on the schoolbag and on the bag of the bike.