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Never pumping again! The Schwalbe Airless System

21/02/2020 News

Schwalble Airless System (SAS) is the innovative bicycle tires free from air with comfortable driving characteristics from Schwalbe. Therefore, your tires stay maintenance free during the whole useful life (up to 10 000 kilometres by common use).

The system is almost identical to an air tire with 3,5 bars (40-622), always constant without loss of efficiency! It possesses an excellent grip, because they are using the same technology for the tire construction as for all the Schwalbe tires.

The Schwalbe Airless System is ideal for all those who want a comfortable and carefree bicycling, like E-Bikes (25km/h) and commuter.

For the whole Schwalbe staff security is ranked first, therefore the SAS can only be fitted by a certified bicycle store. We have this certificate and we have on this system trained mechanics, as well as a specialised SAS fitting tool.

SAS has us convinced! When you are interested contact us!