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Livall Helmets

06/12/2019 News

In winter it not only gets colder, but it also gets faster dark and the sight is detracted from fog and precipitation. The helmets from Livall allow the cyclists to be visible any time and to feel save. With the help of a little remote, which can be easily fixed on the handlebar, you can save and comfortable choose between six to eight functions during the ride. Furthermore, every helmet is equipped with a day-night-automatic. That means, that the lights will turn on automatically when it gets dark and turn off when it gets bright.

Every helmet contains the following functions: on the reverse are eight LEDs that serve during the whole ride as back lights. They can be applied with merely one keypress as flasher. A helmet from Livall can detect a fall and it can in case of an emergency sent an SOS message. In addition, there are speakers and a microphone in each helmet. Therefore, you can phone comfortable and safe during your ride. In addition, the microphone is protected against the wind, so you can profit from the best speak quality. Across the speakers you can also get navigation suggestions, thereby you will never again take the wrong branch-off. Moreover, you can relish you favourite music during the whole ride, without needing earphones. Another advantage is the function Walkie-Talkie. You can communicate between two Livall helmets without telephone costs and consequently coordinate your route and the breaks.

New: the model BH51 Neo. It has three additive functions, like the new marker lights on the front side. Insofar you are visible from every side. Furthermore, the back light can now recognise brake application and it lights up bright. This function occurs when the ride decelerates appropriate. At the end the new function “Anti-Loss Alarm”. This loud acoustic signal gets audible when you lose your smartphone.

Deductive we can say that Livall unites security, technology and design in best quality