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Grand ducal decree project to introduce a regime of financial help for any type of vehicle with zero or little CO2 output

05/02/2019 News

The ministry of environment has presented the 25th January a project to promote electro mobility. It is about a financial help by the purchase of a vehicle with zero or little CO2 output. One of those helps refers to bicycles and pedelecs25 (25 kilometres per hour).

In order to appreciate the bicycle as ecological means of transport, they have proposed a bonus up to 300€ for the purchase of a bicycle or a pedelec25. The amount is 25% of the price zero rated for VAT of the bicycle or pedelec25, but without exceeding the 300€.

This bonus is only available for an individual person, who lives in the grand duchy and is of age. Furthermore, the bicycle can only be used for personal intention and per capita is only one bonus for a bicycle or a pedelec25 allowed. The bicycle has to be a new model and the bill has to be made in the year 2019. The first possible date for the bonus request is seven months after the date of invoice. The request has to be submit to the ministry of environment. You will find the appropriate form on the website Between the first and the second request has to be a time span of at least 5 years.

Attention: the bonus cannot be linked with the fiscal deduction for sustainable mobility!