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Croozer Dog

21/06/2019 News

This dog trailer was designed in collaboration with veterinarians, breeders, dog trainers and canine therapists, thereby your dog doesn’t lack neither in security nor in well-being. Naturally it was tested in accordance with the standards EN15918 for bicycle trailers and EN1888 for wheeled child conveyances.

The low, wide and large door offers easy entry for ailing or older dogs as well as puppies. It is a mere 14cm off the ground, this makes that even dogs with severely limited mobility can step onto the floor of the passenger compartment. Your dog will love sticking its nose out of the sunroof-like opening and enjoying the breeze. When you remove the wheels of the trailer it is a cosy den for your dog at home, at the office or on trips.

You can choose between three sizes, the Croozer Dog L, XL, XXL. The Croozer Dog L is for medium-sized dogs with maximum 35kg, a maximal shoulder height of 60cm and a length of 85cm. The Croozer Dog XL is developed for large dogs with maximal 45kg, a shoulder height of 70cm and a length of 100cm. The Croozer Dog XXL is also produced for large dogs with maximal 45kg, though a maximal shoulder height of 85cm and a length of 115cm.

You get by Croozer a 3-year warranty on your 2018 or newer Croozer bicycle trailer and a 10-year warranty on the frame.

Visit us and convince yourself, as well as your quadruped of the Croozer Dog!

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