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Butchers and Bicycles MK1-E Gen3

17/09/2021 News

Butchers and Bicycles announces their new MK1-E Gen3 upgrade! The Cargo bike benefits from a few new features, like a new drive unit, display, tires and a fresh frame design.

The MK1-E Gen3 is powered by the Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 drive unit with a torque of up to 85Nm what implies a more powerful ride. The new Tour+ mode gives you the perfect quantity of support at every time and is energy saving.

Furthermore, you can connect the Kiox Display via Bluetooth with the eBike Connect Smartphone app. You benefit from more interactive rides and many personalized features for a more detailed overview.

The frame is 8cm shorter so you can sit more up-right and get the feeling of more control over the bicycle. With the wider rear cargo tires the MK1-E has more stability under heavy loads.

The cargo bike is already available for pre-order in our shop and the expected delivery time is determined for January 2022!