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  • Riese und Müller - Multicharger Mixt NuVinci
    29,00 € , one Day
    Riese und Müller
    Multicharger Mixt NuVinci
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  • Riese und Müller - Packster 40 Touring
    29,00 € , one Day
    Riese und Müller
    Packster 40 Touring
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Because we believe

Consistency and concentration – that is Riese und Müller. We focus on producing full-suspension bikes and a well designed range of models. We consistently pursue our goal of perfecting each model for its chosen application. Because we believe. That’s our philosophy.

1. Full suspension bikes

We develop and produce full suspension bikes exclusively.

2. Complete Solution

Our bikes are innovative and of the highest quality. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to its intended purpose. Excellent handling, high fun factor and a futuristic design are all top priority.

3. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction rather than maximizing sales guides our thinking. Their needs and concerns are central, every critique simply spurs us on.

4. Dialogue

We aim for an ongoing dialogue with our customers, our suppliers and dealers.

5. Service

A product is only as good as the local service it receives. Our bikes are sold only at select dealers who participate in educational seminars to ensure they are always ready to meet our customers’ needs.

6. Zest for life

For us, cycling is a lifelong joy shared by all our employees.

7. Employees

Our employees are our greatest asset. We work as a team to achieve common goals and let our staff take part in our economic success.

8. Work Environment

A good atmosphere in our company ensures a fun work environment.

9. Operations

Our products and internal processes are constantly optimized.

10. Communication

In this era of communication, we inform you about bicycle technology, cycling and the pleasure of riding full suspension bicycles.

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