The new collection of cycling gloves arrived

The anatomy of the hand:

27 bones

55 brawns

30 articulations

100 bundles of nerve fibres

Did you know that

  • 16 brawns are responsible for the management of the thumb?
  • No one of the 14 brawns, that are in charge of a high gripping strength, lies in the hand but in the forearm? Those brawns control the hand above sinews!
  • 41 brawns are responsible for the fine motor skills?
  • The hand from an adult has an averaged gripping strength of 50kg?

You see the importance of good cycling gloves!

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Chiba cycling gloves

Our new test bike: Hase Bikes Pino 2021!

The new model 2021 convinces not only by its improved design, but also by its better ergonomics and stability. This tandem is at the same time a cargo bike and a kid’s taxi. It collapses problem-free and stepless to the size of a mountain bike. The new Pino can be shortened by pushing together. The front frame slides smoothly in the main frame.

Due to the stowable handlebar you can shorten the tandem so that it fits on a bicycle carrier. The show stopper: the Pino can also be driven when it’s interposed! The wheel base corresponds in this case nearly the one of a city bike and it can be driven correspondingly.

Also, the little ones can benefit from it! Due to the lengthwise adjustment of the cranks and the seat adaptor kids of minimum one meter can hitch a ride without difficulty.

Another advantage is the new flexibility of the handlebar. It can be adjusted without a big effort in width, height and angle. Like that everybody can position the handlebar ideal whatever the size or the figure.

Your interest on a test run is piqued? Call us to make an appointment.

Hase Bikes Pino 2021

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