From now on available at our store, the E-Bikes from Urban Jungle!

Urban Jungle is a new brand of Ludo NV, a Belgian bicycle manufacturer with over 90 years of experience.

Urban Jungle

Due to the contemporary traffic conditions the cyclist is forced to swap paved roads for alternative routes. The aim of Urban Jungle is to combinate the challenges of city traffic and the glee of leisure cycling in green surroundings. Therefor they developed E-bikes which are suited for different surfaces, from country roads and forest trails to cobblestones and bicycle lanes.

The bicycles convince by their urban and elegant design. The optimal combination of agility and reliability offer the 27,5-inch wheels. Urban Jungle has set its focus on visibility and safety. All the bikes are fitted with high-end lights from Lezyne and Supernova. Furthermore, they are driven by advanced Bosch Smart System motors.

Up to now there are four bicycle models: the Barrio 1.0, the Barrio 2.0, the Barrio 3.0 and the Ginza 1.0. Moreover, you have the choice between two frame forms, Wave and Gent.

If your curiosity is picked, visit us, to get yourself an idea of the E-bikes which fulfil the wishes and needs of the modern cyclist.

Urban Jungle Wave Wakame GreenUrban Jungle Wave Pesto GreenUrban Jungle Wave Ochre YellowUrban Jungle Wave Midnight Blue

Our new test bicycle: the Delta tx from HP Velotechnik!

The chair bicycle convinces by a high comfort seat and an especially easy entrance. The platform outrigger in the rear can be charged with up to 25kg, hence the transport of goods is no problem anymore. Moreover, it can be dissembled in three parts and can be taken by car.

HP Velotechnik Delta tx-1     HP Velotechnik Delta tx-2

This bicycle is qualified for every age class, whether young or old. It is stable, solid, non-spillable and has a low access height. Furthermore, it has a suspended body rear end, and it is, with its only 32kg, especially light by comparison to other electric chair bicycles.  

HP Velotechnik Delta tx-3     HP Velotechnik Delta tx-4

Our test bicycle is equipped with the Shimano Steps EP8 motor, the Speedhub from Rohloff with 14 speed and a 630Wh battery. The Ergo Mesh Premium seat can be smoothly adapted to the body height and the preferred seating position. Besides he is, due to the Orthoflex cushion technology, customisable to the relative body shape.

Contact us and save you a test drive with the new comfortable electric chair bicycle Delta tx!

The new Volt Evo Flat Men from Scott

The Volt Evo Flat Men from Scott offers the perfect balance of ventilation, comfort and grip.

The outsole consisting of sticki rubber gives you an excellent traction and optimal control of the bicycle. The shoes are suitable for flat pedals and possess an ErgoLogic removable insole.

Scott Volt Evo Flat MenScott Volt Evo Flat MenScott Volt Evo Flat Men


The new panniers from Klickfix and Reisenthel

Beside new trendy colours like twist coffee and twist sky rose, the panniers are equipped with coloured refined alloy frames. 

Stylish and practical at the same time!

Roomy twist sky roseRoomy GT twist sky rose

Bikebasket twist sky roseBikebasket twist coffee

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