A December to remember!

From the 1st till the 31st December 2023, you receive 10% of reduction on all our bicycles from stock!

From 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023

the VAT on bicycles and electric bicycles is reduced

from 17% to 7%.

The winter collection from Vaude, Karpos and Scott has arrived!

Winterkollektion Vaude Karpos Scott Winterkollektion Vaude Karpos Scott Winterkollektion Vaude Karpos Scott

New in our assortment: the functional underwear from Woolpower!

Woolpower is a Swedish producer of functional clothing with domicile in Östersund. The brand stands for sustainability and longevity. With their own tissue “Ullfrottée original” they have produced functional underwear, which resist extreme weather conditions. The ware is appropriate for different degrees of activity and is manufactured in Sweden.

The producers rely on merino wool, inasmuch it is durable and isolating. It heats, when it is cold and it cools, when it is warm. Furthermore, it transports humidity and has an antistatic function. It stops odours and it is flame resistant.

You can find in our assortment t-shirts as well as crewnecks with function level “Lite” and “Ullfrottée 200”.

“Lite” is the thinnest mesh and can therefore be worn as underlayer. As the merino wool can heat as well as cool, it is suited for every season.

“Ullfrottée 200” is the thinnest Ullfrottée and isolates the heat, which the body produces. It is washable on 60°C and able for dryer.



Thule Epos – the many-sided bicycle carrier for bicycles of all types and sizes

The new bicycle carrier Thule Epos will be available in our shop mid-Mai 2023

He can carry 3 bicycles each with up to 30kg. Besides, he can adapt to every frame type and geometry, no matter the bicycle (MTB, E-Bike, Race bicycle, Bicycles with a carrier and fenders).

Thule Epos

He possesses an innovative telescope arm with a rotatable ratch head, whereby you can fix the bicycle anywhere on the frame or on the back wheel. You can load and unload the bicycles, excluding having to keep the order in mind. The loading and the fixing of the bicycles goes easier and faster as ever before, whereby you have more time for bicycling and discovering the surroundings.

Thule Epos

Furthermore, the bicycle carrier is completely foldaway and tiltable, what simplifies the transport and the stowage by disuse. If you don’t have fixed bicycles, you can fold the arms of the bicycle carrier downward, like that you can access to your cargo bay, without having to bow the bicycle carrier. But even though the bicycles are installed, your cargo bay stays accessible due to the inclination mechanism.

Thule Epos

With the appropriate accessories you can adapt the Thule Epos to your needs. One of those is the bike repair holder. It is easy to be attached on the bicycle carrier and enables you to fix your bicycle during the trip and to repair respectively adjust it.

Thule Epos

The new panniers from Klickfix and Reisenthel

Beside new trendy colours like twist coffee and twist sky rose, the panniers are equipped with coloured refined alloy frames. 

Stylish and practical at the same time!

Roomy twist sky roseRoomy GT twist sky rose

Bikebasket twist sky roseBikebasket twist coffee

Abus YouDrop FF full-face helmet for kids

The safe protection for adventurous trails!

Whether on a balance trainer or a mountain bike, the YouDrop FF full-face helmet is suitable for all kids and youth.

Through the chin guard on the helmet the jaw and the chin are protected. If necessary, it can be easily removed and gets hence the open face version.

The clever ventilation system keeps your head cool, even during downhill actions.

The comfortable pads in the helmet can be removed and washed by hand.

Furthermore, the helmet possesses a removable visor with break-away function, integrated bug mesh and the MTB-specific adjustment system.

This helmet satisfies all requests!


Abus YouDrop FF velvet blackAbus YouDropp FF chalk greyAbus YouDrop FF midnight blue


Abus Cliffhanger – light and optimally ventilated!

The Cliffhanger convinces by a lot of little details which make bicycling more comfortable and simultaneous safer.

The adjustable TriVider-webbing distributor is a special mountain bike readjusting system, by what the helmet stays comfortable and fixed on the head, even by riding through bumpiest ground! The internal leaf out of EPS rigid foam is directly foamed in the three-part external leaf, what confers to the helmet lightness and stability. Another advantage is the strengthening helmet structure, named Acticage, what creates more space for bigger ventilation opening.

Conclusion: the Cliffhanger is a helmet with ideal requirements for high speed and ambitious trails!   


Abus Cliffhanger pine greenAbus Cliffhanger concrete greyAbus Cliffhanger chalk grey

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